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Why Silk?

Silk is a natural fiber, strong and resilient with a beautiful sheen. The structure of the silk filament itself is what gives silk its characteristic shine. Silk, when taken care of, will last hundreds of years. Garments of silk have been found in ancient China, India and Egypt. Silk has excellent resistance to mildew and moths.

Silk fabric begins with the filaments woven in the cocoon of the Mulberry Silk Moth. The cocoon is woven by the caterpillar of the moth.

When it is ready the cocoon is boiled in hot water to loosen the gum (called Sericin) the caterpillar applies to the filament so it sticks together . Then the cocoon is unwound as one long filament from 1500 to 4000 ft long.

This process is where the characteristics of various types of silk begins.

Filaments of some cocoons are finer than others and are used to make the sheerest fabrics such as organza, chiffon,and habutui.

When some gum /sericin remains on the filaments it gives the silk a crisp texture for fabrics such as taffeta,and duppioni.

Several filaments are twisted together to form thread. The number and thickness of the thread and the weaving process produces many types of silk fabrics.

So, why SILK? Because it feels wonderful!

Why Cotton?

Cotton is extremely versatile in weight, texture and construction. It is strong, absorbent, and carries heat away from the body.

Mostly I use Batiste, a sheer lightweight cotton named after a 13th century French linen weaver named Jean Batiste.

He developed a process of using long staple Egyptian cotton to make a fabric both strong, sheer and light weight.

Why Linen?

I do not use very much linen because it is difficult to find fine Irish linen in large enough quantities. Other linens tend to be too stiff and rough for infant clothing.

Hand Sewn Couture Details Define a Whispering Gown. This dress features ribbon closures down the back.

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